What Yoga Has Taught Me: A brief and heady epiphany

Yoga has taught me to be awestruck not by how my body looks, but by what my body can do.

Through a practice that is empowering and enlightening, challenging and cleansing, awakening and addictive, with time, light, love and breath, my body has defied all limits I had harshly and ignorantly applied.

Beyond this, yoga has graciously shown me that what the body can do is enabled by what the mind is capable of. Capable of cultivating, of releasing.

Furthermore, the mind’s abilities are courtesy of the spirit’s capacity. Capacity to exist boundlessly, weightlessly, timelessly and purely.

And, ultimately, the spirit would not exist were it not for the universe.

Thusly, what yoga has taught me is that we each exist as our own fraction, a divine spark of energy, within a collective consciousness, a universal soul. My fraction happens to reside inside this torso, these arms, these toes, this face. Yours in your own torso, arms, toes and beautiful face.

So any time we choose to waste on shaming the vessel that houses such a sacred and infinite life force is ludicrous.

What yoga has taught me is to be awestruck not by how my body looks, and in fact not by my body at all, but by life and existence itself. It has taught me to never, not for a minute, take for granted my short presence here in the midst of it all, for how much you weigh has no relation to the weight of your role in this universe, your impact on this earth.


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  1. A poetic interpretation of who we are and how we are all connected in this precious
    Moment in this life and this world. You always make a difference in my life when I read your writing and obsorb your solefull words!

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