The Vegan Elimination Diet: The End of the Journey

Well, here we are folks. Isn’t it simply incredible how quickly time goes? I can’t believe it’s here: the end of the Elimination Diet! Time flies when you are feelin’ good, I suppose!


I have been enjoying myself in upstate NY with my family. Guess what: my mom made me try Omeprizole for my burping issue. I usually just SO don’t like creepy meds, but when you’ve tried every homeopathic option out there (ahem…), sometimes you just can’t knock it ’til you try it. As much as it pains me to say this, and no I do not believe that meds work better over natural remedies as a rule, this is just an exception…but it does work. So there’s that. Humph.

Anyway, you GUYS! Overall, that was SO EASY! I seriously encourage all of you who are reading going, “I bet I could do this” to make the commitment. I really didn’t find myself struggling to keep up with the rules at all. The only time it gets tricky is going out to eat- but hey, it happens rarely enough that you can find a place that will accommodate you, or at least some kind of meal that suits your needs. Something I have learned from being vegetarian for 7 years and vegan for two of those and on this diet for a month: please, please don’t be ashamed of what you want to put into your body! I know, I know, I myself am a little bit of a people pleaser. I don’t like to be a problem, I don’t like confrontation, I don’t like to be a bother. But this subject is important enough to me, and it should be to you as well, to stand up for! You are not bothering anybody by politely asking them to help you stick to your belief system, or to help you fight for your health. If they judge you for that, then who cares! If they give you attitude, then just remember you have the power of the tip… 😉

Here are what habits I am going to stick with after today:

  • Nutrient PACKED smoothie for breakfast every morning.
  • No more coffee every morning, only on occasion.
  • No more soy! It is creepy and no one needs it.
  • Gluten-free pasta! It tastes the same and it’s super easy!
  • Cooking at home more often! Bye bye, Seamless. We will save you for once a week!
  • Dipping gluten-free crackers and just plain veggies in hummus instead of pita!
  • No more beer- just an unnecessary gluten source. Wine, on the other hand…
  • Overall, maintaining an awareness about everything I put into my body!

Here is what I am most excited to have now that this is over (hehe):

  • Wine
  • Ice cream (vegan, duh!)

I’d say this was a pretty successful adventure. I have to thank Jessica McCarthy again for the inspiration, as well as my family and friends for being super supportive throughout the month, and often times helping me put together a recipe! I love you all!

I firmly believe in moderation. I believe in ice cream and wine and pasta and coffee and potato chips. But I believe in being a smart and thoughtful consumer. Not restrictive, not punishing, but smart and thoughtful about what you put into your body. Have it. But don’t overdo it. Be curious. Try things. Live your damn life. But make sure you are feeding yourself the things you need in order to live a long one.

All in all: just love yourself. Love your bad self! DO IT! Whether you are a meat-lover, a candy-lover, a vegan, paleo, GF, health nut, cookie monster, or trying the Elimination Diet…whatever it may be. Take a look in the mirror and be taken aback by your beauty. See someone who deserves to be loved. See someone who you aspire to be. See someone worth a long, healthy life. Because you do, you will, and you are. You will be the one to love yourself, you will be the person you aspire to be, and you are going to take care of yourself to ensure a long, and healthy life. So bring it. Let me see what you got. You are in control.

Get on with your bad self.


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  1. How about looking into the burping from an ayurvedic perspective? Sounds like vata moving upward – maybe there is a drug free solution there – who know’s what that crazy omiprezole (sp?) is doing in there to your gorgeous clean bod. yikes!!
    THANK YOU for sharing all your info on Vegan Elimination Diet – I’m about to embark and kinda nervous – I think seeds and nuts may be an allergen for me so protein should be a bit tricky!

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