Blogger’s Block

I could literally write anything.

I could tell you about how my summer was. I could say that it was incredibly productive and enlightening. I could say that yoga teacher training changed my life because it did something I didn’t expect it to do: it didn’t only teach me how to teach yoga to others, but it taught me how to teach yoga to myself. It was, more than anything, a journey within myself. I could tell you that because of it, I meditate every day now and I feel the positive effects of quieting my mind and clearing my path in my every day life- even when I wash the freakin’ dishes. I could even give you a teensy tip to begin meditating yourself: my favorite mantra is: so hum. It is sanskrit for “I am that”…”that” being everything. All creations. We are all one. Close your eyes and imagine your breath as a light, traveling down from your head to the base of your spine as you inhale and back up as you exhale. Repeat that mantra silently in your head and watch your breath. Don’t give up! You will think “hmm, I’m hungry” or “this is stupid” or “my butt hurts.” That’s normal. Stick with it. Watch the breath and hear the mantra.

I could then mention that I went back to the place of my dreams: Quisisana Resort in Lovell, ME. I worked there last summer as a chambermaid and performer. This year I visited for a too-short week. It was beautiful. So much nature, so many smiling faces, such bliss! It is a place for healing…especially after being in NYC for too long! Here’s a photo.




I could tell you about my new home at Animal Haven as a volunteer. Or how I am volunteering teaching yoga to Veterans and their families.

I could tell you about how our school auditions are right around the corner, and I could write about how I am coping with that!

I could tell you about love, life, food, work, family, and alllllll sorts of things. The opportunities are endless really.

But I have blogger’s block so I won’t write about any of that right now…

Stay tuned for a whole bunch of good stuff coming your way.

Get outside and soak up the last of the summer sun in the meantime!

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