Becoming a Construction Worker

Build on what is working instead of attacking what is not working.

Too often, we set goals based on things that are not working- things that are negative, destructive, or toxic.  We approach our “goals” from a place of stress, frustration, or hostility. We say “I hate… I am so bad at… I can’t… I will never…I don’t know how…I suck because…”

This is like setting out to build a house on unstable grounds with no solid base. The outcome may still be a house either way you begin building, but I would much rather live in one with a reliable foundation than one that could come crumbling down at any moment. How you approach the process matters more than the result. By building a house upon a patch of hatred you will build a house made of hatred. Inescapable.

So, why not approach everything from a place of delight? Honestly, what can it hurt? Why. Not? 

Build upon what is working. What fills you with love, passion, inspiration, excitement. We waste so much time focusing on trying to fix the wrong things when most of the time the answers lie in building upon the right things. That is when you get on a roll that you may never have foreseen but in hindsight you can’t imagine life without. You put one lego of positivity on top of another which gives you another idea for another lego, and then, before you know it, you’ve built a skyscraper of positive, glorious energy. Energy so bright that it outshines any and all blemishes. Not only outshines, but in turn, transforms. Indestructible.

Basically, the trick here is to treat yourself and your goals with love and respect. Nurture your ambitions. Why do we feel like it is okay to treat ourselves and our aspirations in a way we would never even consider treating another human being?

Well, why don’t we finally decide that it’s not okay. I dare you to start approaching new projects, new jobs, new goals and even every new day from a place of sheer delight. It could be and probably is something as simple as changing your vocabulary. “I can’t wait to grow…I want to expand upon…I am empowered by learning…”

You must decide what you want to build in this life and where you want to live. You have control of those options. I know I’d rather be living on the street with a few shining beacons of lego dreams than in a mansion of darkness. Because eventually that mansion will self-destruct and, hopefully by then I will have built a palace.

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